Latest Original Paintings

All original paintings available here can be reserved with a deposit. They can also be paid for in installments at your convenience

Just Finished
Spring Meadow ~ Roe Deer Fawns
Orchid Field, Hall Farm, Tregaswith, St. Columb Major, Cornwall

Original acrylic on a canvas panel    Image size: 30 cm x 40 cm
Part of my 'Mammals of Cornwall' collection
Drying Off ~ Otter Pair, 
River Camel, Shell Woods, Bodmin Moor

This painting is part of an ongoing project featuring the mammals of Cornwall
in their natural environment
Original acrylic on a canvas panel image size: 30cm x 40cm
Cornwall our Home ~ Choughs on a Cornish Hedge
The Coast Path, Beacon Cove, Cornwall's North Coast

An original acrylic painting on canvas panel ~ Image size: 40 cm x 60 cm
Framed size: 52cm x 72cm
Bespoke framed in Cornish Blue moulding with a linen slip
£2950 or very near offer.
Should this painting sell for the above gallery valuation I will donate £500 to
one of my charities or one chosen by you.

Early Start ~ Loyal Partner & Old Lifeboat House
The Gazzle, Towan Head, Newquay Bay, Cornwall
Original acrylic on canvas panel image size: 34cm x 50cm
£1650 SOLD

Woodmouse & Bracket Fungus
£875 SOLD
Male Kingfisher and Horse Tail
£750 SOLD
Autumn Oak & Tawny Owl
subject life-sized
Acrylic on canvas panel. Framed size 70cm x 50cm
Framed in bleached off-white pinewood with toning slip.

Stonechats & Moorland Grass
subjects life sized
Acrylic on wood panel. framed size 54cm x 39cm
Framed in bleached off-white pinewood with toning slip
Last original bird series painting available open to sensible offers

Female Kingfisher & Crack Willow
Subject life sized
Framed size: 54cm x 39cm. Acrylic on wood panel
Framed in bleached off-white pinewood with toning slip
£695 SOLD

Green Woodpecker & Polypody Ferns
Image size: 50cm x 35cm Acrylic on canvas panel

Robin & Gold Flame Spirea
£750 SOLD

Merlin and Heathers
£875 SOLD

Preening Session ~ Grey Partridge in a Cornish Maize Field
Tregaswith, St. Columb Major, Cornwall
Subjects Life Sized
Framed size: 46cm x 61cm. Acrylic on canvas panel
Framed in bleached white pinewood with toning slip
£1675 SOLD

Blue Tits & Forsythia
Image size 40cm x 30cm. Acrylic on canvas
SOLD at Auction
Donated to the Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institution
for their online auction
The Nest Builders ~ Wrens
£1875 SOLD

Yellowhammer & Pussy Willow
£750 SOLD
All the original paintings below have been sold but give an example of commissioned artwork