Cornwall's Wildlife in Art
Framed, Artist signed Fine Art Prints on Canvas
Available in two sizes, sold complete and ready to hang on your wall
Small: 25cm x 34cm (10" x 14" approx) @ £48 each
Large: 36cm x 43cm (14" x 19" approx) @ £82 each
Free postage in the UK Overseas at cost
We have hundreds of different paintings available in the above format.
On display here are 40 of the most popular wildlife subjects so if you are after something
not shown do contact the Lyndhurst Studio we may have just what you are looking for.

You can pay by PayPal on > or Bank Transfer > Barclays, Chester Road, Newquay, Sort code: 20-74-20, Acct, no. 20896950, Acct. name,: Dick & Ann Twinney, Business Account

for more information: or phone: 01637 880606

The Paintings

Sunset on the Camel ~ Otter
The River Camel, Polbrock, near Wadebridge

This is an example of the framing we use, it is bleached off-white pinewood.
Other colours are available to order


A Sunny Spot ~ Grey Seals, Newquay Harbour

Badger Cubs at Home

Disturbed ~ Fox & Heron

Sunrise on The Saint's Way ~ Brown Hares

Rooting About ~ Hedgehog Pair, Higher Moor Wood
Many of our smaller wildlife portraits are supplied just as small framed pictures as the
subjects are  mostly life-sized. Here are some examples showing framing and presentation.

Woodmouse at Home
The Artist's garden, St. Columb Major

Small Tortoisehells and Red Abmiral
The Artists garden, St. Columb Major

Reflections ~ Water Shrew
Banks of the River Fal, Tregoss Moor, near Roche

Tiny Hunter ~ Weasel
Blackacre Lane, Castle an Dinas, near St. Columb Major

Painted Ladies and Sea Holly
Sand Dunes, Summerlease Beach, Bude

Dormouse and Honey Fungus
Lily Pond Lane, Old A30, near Roche

Moon Shadow ~ Dog Fox
Winsor Lane, St. Mawgan in Pydar

Cornish Sunrise ~ Brown Hare
Beacon Mine Engine House, Belowda, Goss Moor, Roche

In the Surf ~ Bass

The Nut Store ~ Grey Squirrel
Winsor Lane, St. Mawgan in Pydar, near Newquay

Spring Emergence ~ Hedgehog
Hall Farm Wood, Tregaswith, St. Columb Major

Weasel Family & Speckled Wood
Respryn Woods, Lanhydrock, near Bodmin

Woodmice and Old Boot
Halveor Lane, St. Columb Major

Autumn Fox
Goss Moor, near Roche

Dormice & Blackberries

Blackacre Lane, Castle an Dinas, near St Columd Major

Vixen on the Prowl ~ Porth River, Trebudannon, St. Columb Major, Cornwall

Otter at Home
Porth River, below Trebudannon, St. Columb Major

Fox Cubs at Home
Sand Dunes behind Crantock Beach, Newquay

Badger Cubs at Home
Halveor Lane Set, Carnanton Woods, St. Columb Major

The Young Explorer
Fox Cub & Herb Robert

Butterfly Corner 1990
Brays Field, Gluvian, St. Columb Major

Dolphin Family ~ Welcome Visitors

A Sunny Spot ~ Atlantic Grey Seals
Low tide, Newquay Harbour

Watching From Cover ~ Dog Fox
Rushy Field, Royalton, near Blackacre, Goss Moor

Watching from Cover ~ Vixen
Rushy Field, Royalton, near Blackacre, Goss Moor

Over the Wreck ~ Common Dolphins
Featuring the wreck of an old barge in the River Teign, Devon

Dormouse Family
The Great Wood, Lanhydrock, near Bodmin

Cornish Otter & Himalayan Balsam
The River Camel, Polbrock, Wadebridge

Rabbits in the Maize
Tregaswith, St. Columb Major

Frosty Morning ~ Dog Otter
Dunmere Weir, River Camel, near Bodmin

Hedgerow Hunter ~ Stoat
Winsor Lane, St. Mawgan in Pydar

Basking Shark & Mackerel
Summer Visitors to Cornwall

Grey Squirrel & Sallow
A portrait of our hand reared squirrel Hansel

Hedgehog Family
The Artist's Garden, St. Columb Major

Out & About ~ Mr. Toad
The Artist's Garden, St. Columb Major

Rabbits in the Sand Dunes
Crantock Beach, near Newquay

Tentative Look Out ~ Fox Cub
Portrait of our hand reared fox Sunny

Night Games ~ Woodmice by Moonlight
Hall Farm Wood, Tregaswith, St. Columb Major

Brown Hare in a Maize Field
Tregaswith, St. Columb Major

Spring Emergence ~ Hedgehog
The Artist's Garden. St. Columb Major